Dozens of journalists accept buyout, leave Reuters

Thomson Reuters' global headquarters in Times Square, New York City (The Desk)
Thomson Reuters’ global headquarters in Times Square, New York City (The Desk)

The world’s largest international multimedia news agency will have a very different newsroom come January 2nd.

Almost four dozen union Reuters journalists accepted voluntary buyouts from the company and left, according to a statement released by the Newspaper Guild of New York on Monday.

More than half of those journalists said farewell to colleagues Tuesday; another fifteen accepted buyouts around the time they were offered in October.

The Guild said the job duties of two journalists were being moved to “low-wage Bangalore.” Four reporters left when Thomson Reuters announced it would not roll out its much-anticipated next-generation website, Reuters Next.

The Guild estimates the four dozen journalists “represent more than 900 years of experience and excellence.”

As a company, Thomson Reuters eliminated over 5,500 positions — or about 9 percent of its global workforce — in 2013. One round of cuts saw the elimination of 140 newsroom jobs in a single month.

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