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After Reuters-only experiment, Tribune looks again to Associated Press

The Los Angeles Times building. (Photo: Flickr / LA Wad)
The Los Angeles Times building. (Photo: Flickr / LA Wad)

Two years after dropping the Associated Press, newspapers that were once part of the iconic Tribune Company have started drawing stories from the world’s largest non-profit news organization once again.

Last week, media columnist Jim Romenesko reported the AP news wire started appearing in the print and online properties of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and nearly a half-dozen other publications owned by Tribune Publishing.

“The AP delivers premium content that our readers across all platforms expect,” Tribune Publishing executive Matthew Hutchinson said in a press statement. “We made our recent news service choice based on a number of key criteria, including: meeting our readers’ content expectations, achieving the balance of cost and value, and a desire to secure one primary news service for all Tribune Publishing business units.”

The move reverses an experiment in which the then-Tribune Company ended its AP membership in favor of Reuters News as part of a cost-cutting move. Tribune Company separate its print and broadcast properties early last year.

Tribune Publishing is expected to continue to draw from Reuters News as well as the Associated Press going forward. The now-separate Tribune Broadcasting pulls news from Reuters News and CNN.