T-Mobile opens up special Philo deal to more customers

T-Mobile and Sprint customers with postpaid wireless phone service can now get a special deal on the already-budget friendly streaming television service Philo.

The move comes less than a week after T-Mobile threw in the towel on its streaming television service TVision and pushed subcsribers to sign up for Philo and another streaming TV service, YouTube TV.

Philo typically charges $20 a month for more than 60 streaming pay TV channels, an unlimited 30-day cloud DVR and access to a handful of TV Everywhere apps, but to help migrate TVision customers, T-Mobile inked a deal with the wallet-friendly streaming service to knock $10 off the monthly subscription price.

Starting today, all T-Mobile and Sprint customers with postpaid wireless phone service are eligible to take advantage of the same offer, bringing Philo’s subscription price down to just $10 a month.

The fine print on the offer says the deal is good for 12 months, but a T-Mobile representative assured The Desk that the discount will continue beyond that as long as a person maintains an eligible line of service. The representative said the fine print was included in the offer notice published last week because discount codes used by T-Mobile require an expiration date.

“As we noted in both the blog and release, these discounts are good as long as subscribers remain T-Mobile customers on an eligible plan,” the T-Mobile representative said. “Thus, we’ll extend the codes annually for customers as long as needed. ”

The same applies to T-Mobile’s deal concerning YouTube TV, which typically costs $65 a month but is $10 a month cheaper for eligible customers who switch from TVision.

The promotion codes for the streaming TV services can be obtained by visiting https://promotions.t-mobile.com/rebates.

Philo offers pay television channels from a handful of content partners, including ViacomCBS (Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, CMT), Discovery Networks (Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Science Channel), A+E Networks (A&E, History Channel), AMC Networks (AMC, IFC, We TV, Sundance, BBC World News), E. W. Scripps (Newsy) and AccuWeather.

For a separate fee, Philo also offers access to premium movie networks Epix ($6 a month) and Starz ($9 a month). T-Mobile and Sprint customers who take advantage of Philo’s discounted rate could add one of those two premium networks and still wind up paying less per month than the average Philo subscriber.

Don’t have T-Mobile or Sprint? Click or tap here for a one-week free trial to Philo.