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Maximum Effort Channel debuts on free streaming platforms

The Ryan Reynolds-curated content stream is part of a partnership with Fubo.

The Ryan Reynolds-curated content stream is part of a partnership with Fubo.

A new streaming channel produced as a partnership between Ryan Reynolds’ production company Maximum Effort and the television service Fubo launched on several free, ad-supported platforms on Tuesday.

The Maximum Effort Channel will feature original programs and licensed content curated by Reynolds, featuring mostly comedy shows like “Alf,” “Absolutely Fabulous,” “The Kids in the Hall” and his own “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.”

At least four original programs will debut on the channel as well, with the first — “Bedtime Stories with Ryan Reynolds” — set to air Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

“I never dreamt I would be able to channel my inner Brandon Tartikoff into an actual TV channel so we at Maximum Effort want to make the most of this,” Reynolds said in a statement, referring by name to the long-time NBC executive who helped lead the network through success in the 1980s and 1990s.

“We believe Fubo occupies the perfect sweet spot between streaming and cable, so we’re very grateful for the partnership with Fubo,” Reynolds continued. “The Maximum Effort Channel will try to open the Overton window when it comes to both programming and advertising, but do it in the most gentle, entertaining way possible.”

The channel builds on a partnership with Fubo that dates back to last year, when the streaming platform said it was working with Reynolds on a number of entertainment-focused initiatives.

“We are so proud to launch the Maximum Effort Channel with our partners Ryan Reynolds and Maximum Effort,” David Gandler, the chief executive of Fubo, said on Tuesday. “Together, we intend to deliver to consumers and advertisers a truly unique content experience that captures Ryan’s vision of joyful entertainment and that is broadly distributed.”

The channel is offered alongside other free, ad-supported streaming networks on Fubo’s own TV service, which starts at $75 a month. But Fubo isn’t keeping the channel to itself: On Tuesday, it also debuted on Amazon’s Freevee, Fox Corporation’s Tubi, Comcast’s Xumo Play and Dish Network’s Sling Freestream, among others.