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Fox Business dominates ratings during business hours in May

The network topped CNBC with a number of programs, including prime-time airings of "Cops" from Fox Nation.

The network topped CNBC with a number of programs, including prime-time airings of "Cops" from Fox Nation.

A broadcast on the Fox Business Network.
A broadcast on the Fox Business Network. (Still frame courtesy Fox News Media, Graphic by The Desk)

The Fox Business Network continued its lead against Comcast’s CNBC during the month of May, grabbing more viewers during key business hours, when corporate executives and investors are more likely to watch financial news channels on cable.

Two of the network’s programs — “Kudlow” and “Varney & Company” — were the highest rated financial news programs on cable and satellite for the 15th straight month, according to an examination of Nielsen data for May 2023.

Kudlow led with an average of 260,000 total viewers during May, outpacing CNBC’s “Closing Bell” in the same time slot, which had an average of 170,000 total viewers. Meanwhile, Varney & Company had an average of 245,000 viewers between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon Eastern Time, pulling ahead of CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street,” which had an average of 197,000 viewers. The Nielsen data did not include special programming.

Other Fox Business programs also topped CNBC shows, including “Mornings with Maria,” hosted by former CNBC reporter Maria Bartiromo, between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Eastern Time. “The Evening Edit,” a post-market hours wrap-up program, grabbed more viewers than CNBC’s “Fast Money/Options Action” for the ninth consecutive month in a row.

Daytime programming on Fox Business proved capable of regularly pulling in strong numbers, including The Claman Countdown” (158,000 viewers), “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” (152,000 viewers) and “The Big Money Show” (132,000 viewers).

Fox Business airs specialty programming during overnight hours and on the weekends, including shows and series that are offered through Fox News Media’s streaming service Fox Nation, under the “Fox Business Prime” brand. Those shows include a reboot of “Cops,” which reached an average of 157,000 viewers on Fox Business, besting re-runs of ABC’s “Shark Tank” on CNBC in the same time slot.

Fox Business competes in the financial news space against CNBC, Bloomberg and Cheddar News. The network is headquartered in New York City and is operated by Fox News Media, a division of Fox Corporation.