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Spectrum begins offering Vix Premium with Ads to TV customers

A television remote used with Charter's Spectrum TV services. (Courtesy photo)
A television remote used with Charter’s Spectrum TV services. (Courtesy photo)

Charter Communications has made good on its promise to offer some customers of its Spectrum TV service free access to Spanish-language streaming service Vix Premium.

This week, Spectrum TV subscribers with at least one Univision channel in their pay TV package now have access to Vix Premium with Ads, the company said on Tuesday.

The offering comes several months after Charter and Televisa-Univision inked a new contract that allows Spectrum TV to continue offering Univision and other co-owned broadcast and cable channels through Spectrum TV.

As part of the agreement, Charter successfully negotiated the privilege of providing free access to Vix Premium with Ads to eligible Spectrum TV customers. The deal brings more than 17,000 hours of movies, TV series and live sports content to Spectrum TV subscribers via the Vix Premium app.

Free access to Vix Premium with Ads is available to Spectrum TV subscribers who pay for Spectrum TV Select or the Mi Plan Latino package.

“The addition of Vix Premium Premium with Ads to our Spectrum TV Select and Mi Plan Latino plans will enable our customers to watch even more premium Spanish-language content as part of their Spectrum video service,” said Tom Montemagno, the Executive Vice President of Programming Acquisition for Charter. “By working with our programming partners to include streaming apps like ViX in our video packages at no extra cost, we continue to evolve our new video paradigm with extraordinary additional value for customers.”

“With our new Vix offering living alongside Televisa-Univision’s full linear channel lineup, Spectrum customers have access to an unprecedented amount of Spanish-language content across all genres,” said Mike Angus, the Executive Vice President of Global Distribution Partnerships at Televisa-Univision. “Vix continues to see significant growth, and we’re thrilled to partner with Spectrum in furthering our mission of serving the massive U.S. Hispanic audience, leading the industry in revolutionizing the accessibility and value of Spanish-language content.”

Charter has forged similar streaming distribution deals with broadcasters over the past few years, starting with the Walt Disney Company, who agreed to offer free access to Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus to certain Spectrum TV customers as part of a renewed distribution agreement reached last year.

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